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What to Look for in a Rolled Leather Dog Collar

A couple of days ago, I eavesdropped on a conversion that two ladies were having about a cheap junk of a rolled leather dog collar that one of them bought at a downtown departmental store. While I sincerely felt sad for her, I couldn’t help but muse about her friend’s lack of knowledge about a leather dog collar that is of high quality. What do you look out for when differentiating between the two? Is a fake one not distinct from a quality one? Is it nuclear science to pick out a fake one from a quality one?

Listed below, is what to look for in a rolled leather dog collar. The features are so easy to pick that nobody should be ripped off.


A leather dog collar that is of high quality will have its stitching evenly done. It’s neither torn nor frayed. Whether the stitching is hand or machine done should be even.

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Take a careful look at the edges of any rolled dog collar. You will notice that a skilled and experienced leather smith will glue together an extra piece of leather between the two edges so that they are round and reinforced. This extra piece provides a surface that is smooth for the dog’s neck.

A fake one on the hand does not have such features. It is just cobbled together. However, there is always an attempt to make it as authentic as possible.

The Middle Piece of Leather

Any cheap rolled leather dog collar will not have the middle piece of leather. This piece will then make it roll together to form a very sharp edge. Not with quality ones. They have that important middle piece of leather.


The main characteristic of a good buckle is that it should be firm and not stamped. It should be cast. When the clasp is stamped, it usually is fragile with the edges bending inside, easy to break and the edges are so thin that they can easily hurt the dog. If the collar is used outdoor, it can easily rust due to the weather elements.

Secondly, the buckles should be thick, solid and the edges should be rounded. Quality metals such as nickel should be used.

Method of Joining

Any hardware used should be riveted. The D-ring, buckle should all be riveted. The stress point should be well fastened to avoid the dog buckling.


pet collarThese holes should be evenly punched and smooth because the dog collars may be needed for use outdoors. When deciding where the holes should be, you need to consider whether the dog has fur or not. This to avoid strangling the dog. It needs the flexibility to move. The holes should be about an inch apart. However, for decoration purposes, other leather smiths may put more holes.

Having listed what to look for in fancy looking leather collars, nobody has no good reason to be ripped. It is that simple to pick a fake one from a stack. It is essential that you pay top dollar for quality dog collars.