Yoga Principles

Yoga is an ancient health practice used to improve the quality of life. It works on both physical and mental wellness in individuals who practice it. The holistic benefits associated with yoga practiced to have ignited interest from people from all over the world. Ideally, it serves to enhance the process of physical and mental revitalization. How does it achieve this? The best way to answer this question is by looking at the principles behind this practice.

Five Yoga Principlesyoga

The first thing anyone looking forward to understanding yoga should do is to learn the principles behind it. Ideally, these principles are explained during the first session. As a learner, you are made to understand that yoga should be practiced as a lifestyle and just like an exercise program. That said, here are some of the main yoga principles.


Yoga considers the physical body as a temple that houses your spiritual being. As such, having a physically fit body is much needed when improving your spiritual health. In this practice, you work out using some specific yoga poses also known as the Asanas. These postures are primarily meant to stretch and tone your muscles. From the Asana, you will be able to improve the flexibility of all body joints.

Proper breathing

Yoga utilizes special breathing patterns to ensure maximum gains are felt. These breathing patterns are executed as one stretches or exercises. Rhythmic and proper breathing techniques are meant to work out your lung muscles and ensure your muscles receive adequate amounts of oxygen. Ideally, yoga philosophies emphasize on conscious breathing as a way controlling your mind. If you can control your breath, you can control the mind.


It is only after you have mastered the first two principles when you can master the Shavasana or proper relaxation principle. Learning the relaxation principles is an excellent way to manage the hassles and dynamics of modern day life. Mental and physical relaxation improves the way you address daily activities.

Proper diet

vegetableThe food you eat has an impact on both your physical and mental state. In this regard, yoga emphasizes on healthy dieting a recipe for holistic wellness. Therefore, people practicing yoga are advised to adopt a vegetarian approach. Eating meat is seen as an impediment to achieving the state of lasting wellness.


This is one of the most important principles of this practice. Most yoga principles are believed to be hinged on meditation. Meditating enables you to take advantage of the mind’s ability to control all body processes. Meditation also gives you the chance to gain gradual control over your mind the quality of your thinking.