a person shaving a man's beard

Health Benefits of Growing Beards

Fashion and style have been the subjects of development for centuries due to their forever-changing nature. While some people initially assume that the concept applies to women only, the current fashion and style trends also play a crucial role in determining the next items that men should wear. For that reason, people can safely assume that the subject of beauty also impacts men, especially these days where celebrity life seems to be the only source of fun among people. Growing beards is one of the examples. While the trend vanished during the eighteenth century, we cannot deny that beards are back in style in 2010, especially after Jason Momoa has successfully altered the image of a clean-shaven and decent-looking Aquaman into a rebellious, ferocious-looking young man that can breathe under the water.

Apart from what is in and what is out for them, growing beards also has several health-related benefits. Some people are aware of these advantages and opt to keep the facial hair. However, some other people do not even know what their facial hair has in store for their health. Thus, this article tries to highlight the health benefits that the body part has for men.

Preventing Skin Cancer

It is highly not advisable to spend hours under the direct sunlight for whatever reason. The UV rays are the leading cause of skin cancer, and it attacks those who are unaware of the case and prefer to spend time outdoors without any protection. The protection can include wearing a hat or applying sunblock with high sun protection factor. However, beards can serve to protect your facial skin since the shafts block the rays from reaching the outer part of your skin. The latest research shows that the facial hair prevents approximately ninety-five percent of the UV rays.

Reduced Allergy

Those with a pollen allergy may not be able to spend time outdoors due to the presence of small substances that can trigger the ailment and even lead to asthma. However, you can trick this condition by growing your facial hair. At this point, one may question what beards have to do with allergy and asthma. The explanation for the question is simple since beards can also work as a filter that prevents the allergens from entering the respiratory system.

Preventing Skin Infection

Bacterial infections are usually occupational, which means the bacteria attack parts of the skin that has no hair growth. It is also the reason why shaving off facial hair is not advisable, even for women. Thus, to avoid the issue, all you need to do is to keep your beards, trim the shafts regularly, and apply beard cream to make it look nice.