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Ideal Ways to Take Care of Your Beard

Contrary to what one may believe, knowing how to care for your beard to achieve facial hair does not reside only in continuous visits to the barber. You can try out some products that will leave your beard looking all good.Look for one with the ingredients required to guarantee you quality beard growth. There are several other practices you should try out to keep your beard in a perfect state. They include:


Washing your beard regularly is onebeard care of the best ways to keep it clean. You should look for the right products to keep your beard neat. Choose a beard shampoo that contains natural ingredients as well as a powerful detergent -not aggressive-. If you want to go a step further, find a shampoo + conditioner formula or use them separately. You can also wet your beard when you get up and before going to bed and apply the shampoo by giving a circular massage to both the root of the facial hair and the ends. Wipe off excess moisture with a towel and air dry. If you want a more powerful shine effect, do the same with the hair and rinse it with cold water to close the cuticles. Make sure it is completely dry when you go to sleep to avoid the appearance of fungus.


Combing is another ideal way to take care of your beard.  You should comb your beard every day to eliminate pulling and tangles -in the case of longer ones- and distribute the natural fat along with the hair, which will make it more hydrated, smooth, and shiny.

And is it better to choose ahealthy beard comb or brush? It all depends with the needs of your beard and, above all, its length: combing a five-day beard with a natural bristle brush can irritate the skin underneath, and combing a 15-day beard with a comb can be useless due to which it is not strong enough. When in doubt, get both. Extra tip: if your facial hair is very unruly, use wax to tame unruly hairs.


It is good to hydrate your beard correctly not to split, frizz and tangle easily. This hydration will also make your beard look better and, therefore, the center of all eyes. You can also give your beard an extra pampering (and more intensive) with dry beard oil. Of course, try to make it a non-comedogenic and non-acne genic formula that does not grease your skin with the risk of seeing pimples and blackheads appear around your beard.